Moving Life ATTO

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Transformation … it seems like magic

It is hard to believe how a scooter can be converted into a compact trolley, the perfect size to travel with him on a plane. When we imagine ‘Atto’, we wanted a vehicle that not only would fold, but that magically transform into a suitcase or trolley. Our designers and engineers had to practically reinvent the wheel in order to make this dream a reality.

Without compromising comfort and safety

Atto is a scooter specifically designed for people with physical disabilities. When deployed, “Atto” has a width of 56 cm between the rear wheels, giving the driver an experience comfortable and safe driving. We do this without compromising the size when folded. Users can effortlessly configure intelligent mechanisms for a perfect fit, including tilt to the user, the seat height and arm. The footrest is flat surface to facilitate mounting, angled to a comfortable driving and cover material
Special to prevent slippage, all to create a barrier-free environment.




Invisible? Well, almost!
Where did that scooter disappear to? When folded, the scooter becomes an innocent piece of luggage that no one imagines can turn in seconds into a full sized, stable, safe, and comfortable mobility scooter. This is a unique attribute ‘Transfolding’ as it folds like magic while at the same time transforms into something else. You choose whether to ride it or roll it effortlessly along with you!

Superb Engineering
‘Atto’ was built from over 200 uniquely designed parts, implementing multiple disciplines and best of breed technologies. What makes this product so special and attractive is the fact that each of its parts and mechanisms, visible or hidden, was designed to provide functionality that never existed in other products. This kind of approach is only possible to implement when a company sets the highest standards as its goal.

Go shopping… or anywhere
‘Atto’ introduces a large space under the seat for carrying shopping bags, or whatever you need to move from one point to another. It was designed focusing on users’ daily life needs. The trick was to implement these needs into a modern Transfolding vehicle that can go with you anywhere you want.

Specifications open:

Maximum user weight: 100 kg
Length: 120 cm
Width: 56 cm
Total weight: 30 kg
Ground clearance: 10 cm
Turning circle: 135 cm
Max. speed: 6 km/h
Range: 16 km
Color: white

Specifications folded (can be split in 2 parts):

Length: 39 cm
Width: 42 cm
Weight – front part: 12 kg – rear part: 16,2 kg – battery: 1,85 kg


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