Choose freedom with ATTO!

Moving Life ATTO is a fantastic solution for people for whom walking is not self-evident. A foldable mobility scooter you can take wherever you want.

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Ready to use

ATTO is a generous and stable mobility scooter


ATTO is very compact and easy to store or take with you

Split in two

It is easy to split ATTO in 2 lighter parts that are easy to lift

Feel free with ATTO

ATTO makes you happy

Also suitable  for garden and park

With ATTO you can do again the things that makes you happy. If you choose ATTO, you choose freedom and mobility.

 More spontaneous with ATTO

without planning you hit the road

With ATTO you just go out and you have enough space to bring your  spontaneous purchases back home.

With ATTO you go together

why stay at home?

With ATTO you just join your family and friends if they have plans. You are completely part of it again.

An ATTO because …!


Because with ATTO you can travel independently

There is no need anymore to prepare your trip in detail and charter auxiliaries. The operation is simple and intuitive doable for most people.


Because you can easily take ATTO in any vehicle

You can fold ATTO in a very compact volume, it fits in every car, train, bus, boat and even in the airplane. And if ATTO is to heavy for you, you simply split it in 2 lighter parts.


Because ATTO is very sturdy and durable

ATTO is assembled with high quality custom made components designed in-house. And besides, it is also maintenance friendly!


Because ATTO is a pleasure to look at

Appearance does matter and ATTO is a very nice cart to see. If you come by with an ATTO, you will be checked with a smile and you will probably often be asked how you got that nice cart

Choose freedom

ATTO for young and old

The vision of the ATTO designers was targeted on the development of a mobility scooter that is not only very usable, but also looks good. Thereby ATTO is an attractive option for young and old, male or female.

Try out first?

If you want to test ATTO thoroughly before buying, hiring is ideal. Certainly with our generous discount scheme for buying after hiring.

Even if an ATTO comes in handy, but buying is not an option for you, renting might be a solution.

Choose the worry-free service of Conec Care


Free demo at home

We feel it is more pleasant to view a product in your own environment than in a showroom. That is why we are happy to come to you with ATTO.


Assistance with searching possibilities

Sometimes it is not obvious ATTO is a suitable solution. Together we will explore thoroughly how we can bypass the possible obstacles. 


We have extra time for you

Sometimes it takes more time than average to master the intricacies. This is not a problem, we just explain it over and over again.


Thorough testing befor buying

It is possible to hire an ATTO and test it thoroughly. If you like it and decide to buy,  we pay back the rental fee  as a discount on your purchase.


(Almost) 24/7 availability

Normally we are 24/7 available. U can always call or email us with a problem or question. We try to answer as soon as possible.


Free loaner ATTO during warranty claims

In case of any problems under warranty, you will get a loaner free of charge from us during the repair. This way your vacation is safe.


Hire ATTO during repairs out of warranty

If you did not buy your ATTO with us, or if the repair is out of warranty, you can easily hire an ATTO with us. This way your vacation is not in danger. 


Hire an extra ATTO for your visitor

Do you temporarily need an extra ATTO  for a visitor? An existing customer wil always get priority at Conec Care.


we reward our ambassadors

Some customers act as our ambassador by demonstrating ATTO, give information about ATTO and our service and share their experiences. This way you can save for discount.


Save for discount

Many customers are happy with our service and refer new customers to us. This way they save for discount on future purchases, a replacement battery or instance.

How to operate an ATTO?


ATTO’s accessories


The armrests of an ATTO are very special and they fit perfectly with your ATTO. They have the same style and you can fold them invisible into your ATTO.

Crutch holders

Nice fitting crutch holders. The set consists of 2 sizes for a cane and the thicker crutches.In total you will receive 4 pipe clamps and a holder. 

Seat cushion

The ATTO seat cushion is an ideal solution if you feel the seat of the ATTO is not comfortable for you. The cushion is available in black, blue and red.

Choose freedom

Go out with ATTO

ATTO is no ‘all-terrain scooter’, but it feels at home in the forest and other surfaces, provided the surface is not to lose, bumpy or slippery.

Choose freedom with ATTO

Conec Care is an official dealer of ATTO. We rent and sell  ATTO in the whole of Europa and through our sister companies also in Canada, USA, Mexico and South America. you can visit us on request, but we love to come to you for a demo.

Call us on +31 85 48 99 400 for an appointment or for more information. Do you prefer us to call you?

Read something first? Ask for our information kit.